Scissor Lift Platform Uk

Scissor Lift Platform UK is one of the UK’s established Scissor Lifts and Platform Lifts manufacturers. Scissor Lift Tables UK have many years expereince in building great scissor lifts for an extensive number of commercial and industrial businesses. We have an excellent team of skilled engineers and designers who will liaise closely with you, structuring your ideal Scissor Lift. Regardless of whether that is a cutting edge or a contemporary structure for retailers or you’re just searching for something increasingly conventional. Our specialist team will inform and direct you throughout.

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Scissor Lift Platform Uk

Scissor Lift Platforms UK is one of the UK’s established Scissor Lifts and Platform Lifts. Scissor Lifts have inclusive expereince in manufacturing bespoke scissor lifts for commercial and mechanical sectors. We offer tailored Scissor Lift Platforms designed to suit the structure of your business as well as provide extensive productivity. Regardless of whether that is an advanced, contemporary plan for a retailer or you’re searching for something more customary, our specialist engineers will inform and guide you through every step.

We can give an assortment of scissor lifts appropriate for a scope of various errands. Our smaller models are perfect for doing jobs which have limited access because of the diminished working width of the machines. Our scissor lifts tables additionally offer extendable decks which can stretch working space and a portion of the bigger models with higher safe workloads holding up to 3000kg.

Scissor Lift Platform Uk supply and install bespoke scissor lift in an array of sizes. Our incredible lifts are made to retain substantial items up to 3000kg. These solid scissor lift tables are perfect for industries that are required to lift significant loads on a daily basis. Edmolift’s scissor lift Platforms are the solution to bad backs and many other work-related injuries. At Scissor lift Platform UK we work closely with you and your team to deliver a second to none service. Lift Platforms are one of the numerous premium ergonomic lifts that we supply, from bespoke sizes to customs restraints. Edmolift takes practicality to the next level, giving many reputable companies across the UK more freedom within the workplace. These scissor lift platforms are ideal for mechanical and distribution centre use, helping those evade business related difficulties and increment efficiency.

Features and Benefits  Scissor Lift Platform

  • Overpressure airtight seals
  • Press to run controls
  • Hydraulic wiper seal
  • Aluminium profile trip bars
  • Armoured hoses
  • High strength platform with bracing
  • Adjustable trip switches
  • 12vDC control circuit
  • Self-bleeding cylinders
  • Oil level indicator
  • Flow valve
  • Mechanical props
  • Zinc plate fixings
  • C4 two-part powder coat paint
  • Overload protection
  • IP54/66 switch gear
  • Coated, honed air tested cylinders
  • Electric clapet valve
  • Hose burst valves
  • Sealed running wheels
  • Fully serviceable
  • Adjustable flow valve

As specialists in scissor lift platforms, we can provide endless opportunities and the best solutions for those who require extra help within the business. Edmolift recognises the importance of customer satisfaction and endeavours to perform to the highest of standards just like our scissor lift products. In addition, our goods elevators and platform lifts come with many remarkable features and benefits. Our Versatile Scissor Tables UK is designed to give a better quality of portable scissor tables to lift and transport heavy loads. This efficient product has kept on providing our clients and the business with an excellent method of lifting.


Why Choose Scissor Lift Platforms UK?

  • Edmolift scissor lift tables are supplied with three-year parts and lanpour warranty and a five-year structural guaranteed.  This is underpinned by our nationwide network of specialist scissor lift service and maintenance engineers.
  • Edmolift scissor lift tables are fitted with chromed, honed and air tested hydraulic cylinders with hose burst valves and electric clapet valves for additional security.
  • Edmolift scissor lift tables use state-of-the-art electrical panels which provide unbeatable reliability and diagnostics that provide our engineers with detailed lift status information
  • Today Edmolift is the largest producer of scissor lift tables in Europe and installs lifts for all types of applications and environments.
  • Each Edmolift scissor lift table is fitted with torsion bars at all points of maximum stress to ensure incredible stability and strength.
  • At our UK Headquarters Edmolift have their scissor lift table design and engineering departments, sales, service and UK stock holding.
  • Knowledge, experience, support, advice.  Edmolift scissor lift tables – better on every level

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