Lift Tables

Lift Table is one of the most widely used lifting products found in industrial and commercial workplaces. Lift Tables provides exceptional versatility for a multitude of uses. A Lift Table is commonly used for ergonomic applications for lifting and positioning pallets and materials to comfortable working levels to reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity.

A Loading Bay Lift Table is designed for loading and off-loading vehicles and trailers in logistics and warehouse environments.  Edmolift Lift Tables can be found in the Loading Bays of factories, supermarkets and logistics hubs to name a few.   This type of Lift Table is fitted with barriers, interlocked gates, and bridge plates to provide safe goods movement and transfer.

A Split-Level Lift Table can be found where there is a height difference between two fixed levels. This might include a yard and a loading dock or next to a set of steps.  A floor-to-floor Lift Table would be installed to provide vertical transportation to a mezzanine floor or a first-floor level.  This type of Lift Table would also be fitted with barriers and gates and would also include a Lift Table shaft.

Edmolift also provides Lift Table solutions for automation and production environments such as car plants and automated mass producers which require a very heavy-duty Lift Table intended for intensive use.

Lift TableMoreover, our Lift Table capabilities include low profile, single, double, triple and quad scissor mechanisms, capacities from 50Kg to 50,000Kg and raised heights up to 8M.

Why choose an Edmolift Lift Table

Your Edmolift Lift Table will be supplied with a three year warranty and also a five year structural guarantee.  A Lift Table that has been designed by experts and built by highly qualified engineers with an enviable manufacturing heritage dating back to 1964.  An Edmolift Lift Table is the combination of knowledge gained over decades and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques from one of the worlds most advanced production plants.  Our Lift Table team are trusted to perform and have a proven track record working with clients from all industry sectors.  You will find Edmolift Lift Table solutions in food, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, construction, engineering, retail, hospitality, transportation, education as well as many more.

Edmolift Lift Tables Feature and Benefits

  • Hydraulic hose burst valves and clapet valves

  • Armoured hoses

  • Overload protection

  • Low 24v control system

  • IP54/IP66 water and dust protection

  • Micro-processor control system

  • Mechanical maintenance props

  • Chromed, honed and air tested cylinders with high pressure seals

  • +30% overload

  • Sealed for life maintenance free bearings

  • Scissor arms with torsion bars at the points of maximum stress

  • Proven designs with 140,000 lift tables in operation

  • Solid steel pivot blocks

In addition, Edmolift Lift Tables are a highly developed product.  Therefore, Standard and custom models have been subjected to the most comprehensive Lift Table testing process of any Lift Table manufacturer.  Every Lift Table is load tested and issued with a Lift Table European Declaration of Conformity or UKCA Certificate and mark for the British marketplace.

Why Choose an Edmolift Lift Table

  • Firstly, Each Lift Table includes a three-year warranty and five-year structural guarantee.  This is underpinned by our nationwide network of specialist Lift Table engineers

  • Secondly, Today Edmolift is the largest Lift Table producer in Europe

  • Has achieved ISO9001 accreditation

  • Edmolift is Safe Contractor approved

  • Is Constriction Line approved

  • All Edmolift Lift Table products are IOSH4 safety managed

  • 24/7 technical support

  • CSCS/CITB qualified site engineers

  • Edmolift are ALEM members

  • Most spare parts are held in our UK stock

At the UK Edmolift Technology Centre we have our design and technical departments. As well as, our spares dept, sales product support departments. As well as our technical team who are on hand to answer all your questions.

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