Tilt Table – Perfect Ergonomics

Tilt table design and production is another specialist area for Edmolift, we are the inventors of the ARM lift and tilt table. This is a unique product that can be used for ergonomically positioning loads of all types. We also produce floor mounted tilt tables that can be hinged along either the long or short sides and scissor lift mounted tilt platforms to provide lift and tilt functions.

Edmolift provide the worlds largest range of tilt tables with capacities up to 3000Kg and a huge choice of platform sizes from 900mm x 600mm to 3000mm x 1500mm plus custom sizes and options to suit your specific tilt table requirements.

Moreover, tilt tables designed specifically for lifting and tilting tow tug trailers is a further option available from Edmolift.  A tow tug trailer can be driven over the tilt table and then raised off the ground and tilted towards the operator to provide perfect ergonomics.

Tilting angles of up to 90 degrees can be provided, the tilt can be stopped at whatever angle you require.  90 degree tilt tables are fitted with double acting hydraulics, all other tilt tables are fitted with single acting hydraulics.  Tailor made load restraints are fitted to all tilt tables to prevent the load from slipping.   Our in-house design team will discuss your exact requirements with you to ensure best possible results.

Tilting tables are typically used on assembly and productions lines.  Edmolift supply the automotive industry including blue chip companies like Toyota, VW, Audi and Mercedes.  The food industry, aerospace, military, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors are also major users of our lift and tilt tables.

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Tilt Table


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