Scissor Lift Trolley

At Edmolift, our lift trolleys range in capacity from 100 kg up to 1000 kg, where we also offer a selection of special capacity options. The Edmolift trolley series includes manual, battery powered and mains powered machinery to raise the lift trolley platform. You can choose from various platform sizes, raised heights, wheel styles and finishes to find your perfect lift. Our smallest standard trolley platform size is 900mm x 600mm, where we also offer large lift trolley platforms and custom platform configurations to suit specific requirements.

We can provide a selection of custom trolley materials such as stainless and galvanised steel, where you will also have a choice of wheel sizes and materials to suit your specifications. Our smaller lift trolleys are available with a push/pull handle that can be folded to maximise storage space. Moreover, for very heavy loads our trolleys can be fitted with a self-propelled chassis with a battery driven drive system, suitable for loads up to 3000 kg.

Lift Trolley
Lift Trolley

We choose an Edmolift mobile scissor lift?

Lift trolleys make the perfect load lifting, shifting and ergonomic tools providing easy load movement for most applications.  We now have 10 standard models many of which are available for immediate dispatch from our Cambridge warehouse.  This includes our most popular 300Kg and 500Kg capacity single scissor models and our 200Kg capacity double scissor model with foot pump hydraulic system.

The lightweight design of our lift trolleys combined with a short wheelbase and large high quality wheels with roller bearings makes them the most manoeuvrable lift trolleys on the market.  It is very important to us to provide a lift trolley that can not only improve  lifting the load but also transporting the load between work stations.

Edmolift lift trolleys can be used in the most narrow spaces. For instance, tight corridors and awkward floor layouts with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions...

1What is a lift trolley?

A lift trolley is a scissor lift table on wheels making it very easy to move.  A brilliant lifting solution that can transport and lift goods.  Available with rechargeable battery power with deadman controls, or manual where they are raised using a foot pump.

2What is a trolley lift used for?

Lift Trolleys are used across many industries, allowing the safe transport and lifting of goods. They can be made stainless to suit pharmaceutical and other hygienic environments or have a more robust finish for everyday industrial uses. They can be used in the packing process, as a workbench or even just as a method of transporting goods.


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