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Loading bay lift range from Edmolift offers services to ensure that, as well as giving you the maximum possible payload and efficiency gains, your Edmolift loading bay lifts will interface seamlessly with your overall distribution network – vehicles and loading docks.

To achieve this, we offer free site surveys at all delivery points, customised lorry loaders and dock lifts design and installation, and bespoke loading bay technologies.

Moreover, we believe our clients deserve loading bay lift and dock solutions that work on every level with rapid returns; giving transport and distribution managers reliable, low maintenance performance; and making it safer, faster and easier for loaders and drivers to work.

Loading Bay Lifts by Edmolift,  loading bays are the focal point of the logistics process and nobody understands the vital importance of this more than Edmolift. Our vast experience of loading bay scissor lift tables and all aspects of loading bay design will ensure we install exactly the right loading bay scissor lift table for your requirements.

No matter what your location or environment we will design, supply and install exactly the right loading bay lifts and scissor lift table for you and your workplace. Improved safety, reduced costs, faster vehicle turn-a-rounds and increased productivity are just some of the Edmolift scissor lift advantages.

Loading Bay Lift
Lorry Loading Lift

Why Choose an Edmolift Loading Bay Lift?

Moreover, our Loading bay lifts are available with a massive range of options. For instance, various sizes, capacities and options including manual, powered and assisted bridge plates, automatic wheel stops, handrails, guards, barriers and gates, enclosures, buffers, controls and guides. All project managed and installed by highly qualified, courteous engineers.

In addition, through experience, application knowledge, engineering excellence and scissor lift table innovation. We have established ourselves as the UK scissor lift table loading bay market leaders.  We also lead the market in reliability which is underpinned by our three year warranty.

Furthermore, our loading bay lifts have capacities from 1000 – 20,000Kg. Suitable for single and double deck trailers and platform sizes that can handle 1 to 30 pallets and roll cages. In one single movement. We offer 100’s of scissor lift table configurations for internal, external as well as, in-dock applications.

 stability, chromed axles pins, air sealed hydraulic cylinders and greased nipples in all links. Manufactured to the very highest standard. Supported by three-year parts and labour warranty. Moreover, you will also get five years structural guarantee. This is underpinned by our nationwide network of on-demand site engineers.

Finally for more information do not hesitate to contact us or if Edmolift haven’t got what you’re looking for be sure to check out our sister company Lyfthaus to see if the platform lift specialists can help!

Loading Bay Lifts

The Unico3000 by Edmolift is a fully developed loading bay solution, designed to facilitate safe load transfer between vehicles, trailers, split levels and docks.  This free standing lift is entirely portable, and does not require a pit due to its low profile height of only 190mm. It also features a lorry bed and dock with a compatible raised height of 1600mm.

This exceptionally robust lift has a 3000kg EDL capacity and a secure, cladded enclosure. This comes complete with an ergonomic grab bar, press to travel control station, loading-guiding nudge bars and  anti-slip flooring. You will also have a choice of bridge-plate, load ramp, gate and goal post barriers and configurations.

The power pack and PLC control panel can be located remotely, on the barrier, or hidden under the platform, where 3ph and 1ph options are available. Twin telescopic, chromed, honed and air tested hydraulic cylinders provide a stable travel experience, where this can be accurately  stopped at any height.  Both cylinders are fitted with hose break valves, dust wipers and armoured hoses. A built-in lifting eye will also allow you to transport the lift between workplaces.

Loading Bay Lift

Frequently asked Questions

1What size loading bay lift do I need?

Your loading bay lift platform size will depend on the type of load and capacity you require.  You may be lifting pallets or roll-cages, perhaps a complete forklift. We offer sizes to suit your exact requirements whether it be 20 pallets or one roll-cage, from 1000Kg to 25,000Kg!  We configure the lift to optimise space and safety and ensure efficiencies are maximised, this can include the use of bridge plates, various barrier systems, buffers, gates and goal posts.

2What is a bay lift?

A bay lift, also known as dock lift is used in a loading bay to allow for the safe and efficient transport of goods from vehicle to dock, vehicle to ground or all of the above.

3Do I need a pit for a loading bay lift?

Typically, loading bay lifts are installed into pits as space is required for the hydraulic system. However, have come up with a solution where the hydraulic system runs vertically reducing the closed height to a minimal allowing for a pit-free solution.


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