Scissor Lift Table Designers & Manufacturers

At Edmolift, our scissor lift table solutions have served the material handling industry for over 50 years. We can provide high quality scissor lift platforms and loading bay lifts, as well as a range of additional lifting solutions to suit your project.

Today, we are Europe’s biggest producer of scissor lift tables, split level lifts, pallet lifts and associated products. Our standard scissor lift table range is the largest available anywhere in the world, with over 300 different models on offer.

We also design and manufacture bespoke scissor lift tables for special applications. Our design team is based at our site near Cambridge, where we always work in close liaison with clients. We provide lift tables for a variety of industries, including food production and pharmaceuticals, where our expert team specialises in ergonomics, logistics, material handling, manual handling and architectural applications.

Our team has supplied over 15,000 scissor lift tables in Great Britain so far – benefit from our industry  knowledge and experience today by getting in touch.

Edmolift – “Better on every level!”

Our Scissor Lift Range

No other scissor lift platform performs better or lasts longer than an Edmolift. This is because our lifts have been designed and built by the industry’s most experienced engineers, where we always utilise the very best manufacturing methods, processes and materials. Our range includes bespoke solutions, as well as exclusive EdmoPLUS and Lyfthaus products, so you can find the perfect lifting equipment for your project.

Custom Design Scissor Lift Tables

Our specialist in-house custom design team will work in close liaison with you to produce exactly the right bespoke lift. It will suit your requirements no matter how large, small or unusual.Therefore, put us to the test with your tailor-made specification and see what makes us Europe’s largest producer of scissor lift tables!


EdmoPLUS is a range of fixed specification loading bay and split level lifts that are designed to complement our bespoke range. For the first time we can provide the same great Edmolift product but in a cost saving package that makes our incredible products even better value.


Now Let’s Get Creative!

Platform lifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Disabled Lifts and Domestic Lifts have come of age with highly adaptable designs that enhance the built environment and the operator experience.

The Lyfthaus Collection gives architects and designers the freedom of choice to meet their creative vision. Lyfthaus are your bespoke platform lift specialists.

We rise by lifting others!

Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables by Edmolift are a very versatile materials handling product for the vertical transport of loads for ergonomic and load moving applications. Edmolift has the largest and most comprehensive range of scissor lift tables available anywhere. Furthermore, the possibilities don't stop where the range stops. Edmolift can produce bespoke scissor lift tables to suit your specific application. No matter what the capacity, size or application is.  Edmolift scissor lift tables are genuinely lifts without limits!

Moreover, at Edmolift we pride ourselves on being Europe’s largest scissor lift table manufacturer. For over 55 years we have been producing scissor lift tables. Meaning our knowledge and experience of delivering state of the art scissor lifts is unmatched anywhere else. Also, we highlight the importance of being a customer centric company. This means we work closely with you throughout the whole process to ensure your scissor lift table not only meets but exceeds your expectations in every respect.

In addition, Edmolift have installed over 150,000 scissor lift tables worldwide.  From our UK headquarters near Cambridge we house our design office, warehouse, UK manufacturing facility, spare parts stockholding, technical department, customer support department and administration.  Clients are very welcome to come and visit us.  Our team of site surveyors are all very experienced and courteous, they would be very happy to visit your site, view your scissor lift table application and make recommendations.  Followed by a technical proposal which would provide all the information you require to make an informed decision. Our team are available on-demand to answer any questions you may have.

Edmolift Scissor Lift Table Benefits

In addition, Edmolift have advanced electrical panels for unbeatable reliability with diagnostics. These provide you and our lift engineers with detailed lift status information. Fitted with torsion bars at all points of maximum stress. Consequently, this ensures maximum strength and stability, chromed axles pins, air sealed hydraulic cylinders and greased nipples in all links. Manufactured to the very highest standard. Supported by three-year parts and labour warranty. Moreover, you will also get five years structural guarantee. This is underpinned by our nationwide network of on-demand site engineers.

Finally, to see more of the benefits Edmolift can offer be sure to check out our Scissor Lift Tables features and benefits page.

Scissor Lift Tables for Cars

Edmolift design and produce bespoke car lifts for prestige properties of all types in all sizes, capacities and configurations. Up to 25000Kg total load and 8M travel.  Residential, commercial and showroom locations.

In addition, our car lifts provide additional car storage. As well as, provide a vertical transport solution.  Common applications include providing access to basement carparks in residential settings and transporting cars to mezzanine floors in car showrooms.

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Edmolift are an established designer and manufacturer of tailor made car lifts for builders, architects and private specifiers to provide easy access to basement carparks and subterranean car storage.  Moreover, they are an excellent alternative to space consuming ramps and give that 007 style to any property. Transported smoothly and effortlessly between levels.  We provide two tier and single platform options that suit most types of property.  The heaviest vehicles are accommodated for. For instance, armoured SUV’s and limousines, platforms size and lift travel can be produced to suit your car(s). As well as, your architecture, there are very few limitations.

Secondly, we work with all types of commercial property.  The vertical transportation of cars in hotels and office buildings are typical applications.  Often it is necessary to move cars between spit levels or loading docks or from one building to another on differing levels.  A scissor lift platform achieves this easily. To secure the car during elevation and descent. There are protective side barriers and automatically rising stops.  The lift and transfer takes just seconds.

Two story car showrooms and split levels within showrooms are increasingly popular.  Edmolift designs special car lifts for these highly stylised locations. They can even form part of a moving display raising the car into full view of the showroom visitors. Basement garages are another common application.  As part of the “handover” area to make the car appear (like magic) before its new owner.  Moreover, they operate silently and the barrier system will be designed for your requirements.