Car Lifts

Edmolift design and produce bespoke car lifts for prestige properties of all types in all sizes, capacities and configurations up to 25000Kg total load and 8M travel.  Residential, commercial and showroom locations.

In addition, our car lifts are used to provide additional car storage or to provide a vertical transport solution.  Common applications include providing access to basement carparks in residential settings and transporting cars to mezzanine floors in car showrooms.

Residential Car Lifts

Edmolift are an established designer and manufacturer of tailor made car lifts for builders, architects and private specifiers to provide easy access to basement carparks and subterranean car storage.  Moreover, they are an excellent alternative to space consuming ramps and give that 007 style to any property.  At the touch of a button your car (or car collection) can be transported smoothly and effortlessly between levels.  We provide two tier and single platform options that suit most types of property.  The heaviest vehicles can be accommodated such as armoured SUV’s and limousines, platforms size and lift travel can be produced to suit your car(s) and your architecture there are very few limitations.

Commercial Car Lifts

Secondly, we work with all types of commercial property.  The vertical transportation of cars in hotels and office buildings are typical applications.  Often it is necessary to move cars between spit levels or loading docks or from one building to another on differing levels.  This can be achieved quickly, easily and safely using a scissor lift platform. The lift is fitted with protective side barriers and automatically rising stops to secure the car during elevation and descent.  The lift and transfer takes just seconds.

Showroom Car Lifts

Two story car showrooms and split levels within showrooms are increasingly popular.  Edmolift designs special car lifts for these highly stylised locations, they can even form part of a moving display raising the car into full view of the showroom visitors.  In addition, they can also be used to access basement garages  and as part of the “handover” area to make the car appear (like magic) before its new owner.  Moreover, they operate silently and the barrier system will be designed for your requirements.

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