Goods Lift and Split Level Lifts

Goods lift, an excellent alternative to a steep ramps these highly adaptable scissor lift tables can be used for most types of load. They are especially popular for use with large commercial refuse, recycling and clinical waste bins.

The ideal solution for moving loads between two or more fixed levels. They can be used for all types of load including large 1100ltr Eurobins.  Manufactured to suit your application. You have a huge choice of handrails, gates and guards for your goods lift and split level lift.

Moreover, this type of scissor lift table is an excellent alternative to a space consuming, back breaking ramps and it can be operated at the touch of a button. Factories, warehouses, shops, hospitals and schools are common areas a goods lift can be of benefit. Who require a lift to transport loads between two differing height levels such as a loading bay or adjoining buildings. Edmolift split level scissor lift tables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  All scissor lift tables are very robust and suitable for very heavy-duty vertical transport applications. The highest traffic flow can be easily accommodated.

Furthermore, split level scissor lift tables are available with capacities of 1000 – 20,000Kg. Lift strokes to 6500mm. A large choice of barriers and gates to suit your needs.

The Edmolift team are handling experts who really understand the requirements of both operators and the built environment. We know what’s important to you.  Your new goods lift or split level lift will provide improved safety and increased productivity.  In addition, we recommend a free site survey, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Goods Lift