Underground Bin Storage

May we introduce the innovative underground bin storage system from Lyfthaus. Planners, architects, developers and home owners alike can all see the many advantages of hiding these unsightly yet necessary bins from view. Niot least of which is the immediate improvement in the visual environment.

Some less obvious but equally important benefits of underground bin storage are the measurable reduction in littering, vandalism and less foul odour due to cool year-round subterranean temperatures. As well as, the increase in usable ground level space. For instance a car can be parked or a patio laid directly over the stored bin or bins!

How the underground bin storage works!

The bin store is push button operated and takes just a few seconds to raise and descend. Allowing easy access for rubbish disposal and bin collection. The bins and refuse sacks are house in perforated sheet clad steel enclosures complete with safety edges to prevent trapping injuries and damage as your bins descend out of view. The roof of the bin enclosure is recessed and can be finished to match or complement the surrounding ground area with stone, slabs, slate, or astro turf so when lowered the bin store are your bins are virtually undetectable.

Moreover, various sizes of bin store are available. The most popular intended to accommodate two or three residential wheelie bins and larger units being designed for apartment buildings and commercial use.

The Installation Process

We provide the internal dimensions needed for the pit/tank in which the bin store will be housed.  This will need to have drainage via the mains, a sump pump or soak away. The power pack can be located at ground level,  in the house or garage or even in its own     underground compartment.

Finally, our designers and engineers can discuss directly with the builder what is required.  Its very simple with little specialist knowledge being needed.  Our installation team will lower your new bin store into position. This is done using a crane equipped vehicle or gantry crane, most installations take just one day.  Once in position the builder can then finish the platform tray to match adjacent surfaces using stone, tiles or bitumen. Controls can be location in a position of your choice but the bin store must be visible from that location.