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Scissor Lift UK is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Scissor Lifts and Platform Lifts. Scissor Lift UK have extensive expereince in installing high-quality scissor lifts for a large number of commercial and industrial sectors. We have exceptional attention to detail when it comes to designing a suitable Scissor Lift for your building. Whether that’s a modern, contemporary design for a retailer or you’re simply looking for something more traditional, our expert team will advise and guide you every step of the way.

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Scissor Lifts UK

Why Use Scissor Lift UK?
As experts in the Scissor Lift industry, we are committed to manufacturing bespoke lifts that compliment your building as well as provide practicality. Scissor Lift UK pride ourselves in hard workmanship and outstanding technical support. With decades of expereince, Scissor Lift has been helping businesses strive since 1964, we specialise in providing productivity to small, medium and large industries throughout the UK.

Each scissor lift is designed to meet your business requirements and needs. Edmolift develops bespoke lifts to improve your work life, employees are able to use our lifts safely and securely ensuring efficiency and reliability throughout. Our scissor lifts are manufactured to the highest of standards, with a max load of 200kg-3000kg this eliminates bad posture and potentially future health issues. Edmolift’s products come in a wide range of bespoke sizes, our custom load restraints allow users to successfully move heavy components without fault. From a range of static and mobile lifts to manual and powered operated, we have the ideal lift for every business.

Scissor Lifts are becoming a popular choice for industries to increase productiveness and boost work rate at an affordable cost. With a wide range of sizes and styles to chose from, Edmolift has the skills and knowledge to manufacture bespoke premium lifts throughout the UK. Besides having many years expereince, our friendly team of experts understand that not every business is the same. As a result, Edmolift’s services are a lifetime investment that will enhance your everyday life, making work that much easier. Furthermore, we feel it is imperative to give our clients free rein when it comes to investing in their scissor lift. Time is money, therefore Scissor Lifts UK deliver flexibility and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our product flexibility allows us to give you the perfect scissor lift for any application or task. Our scissor lifts offer easy to work controls and a range of lightweight models for all loads, each scissor lift is intended to make your workday increasingly easier and safe regardless of your industry sector.

Offering custom features and benefits on all Scissor Lifts UK.

Features and Benefits;

  • Mechanical props
  • Zinc plate fixings
  • C4 two part powder coat paint
  • Overload protection
  • IP54/66 switch gear
  • Coated, honed air tested cylinders
  • Electric clapet valve
  • Hose burst valves
  • Sealed running wheels
  • Fully serviceable
  • Adjustable flow valve
  • Over pressure air tight seals
  • Press to run controls
  • Hydraulic wiper seal
  • Aluminium profile trip bars
  • Armoured hoses
  • High strength platform with bracing
  • Adjustable trip switches
  • 12vDC control circuit
  • Self-bleeding cylinders
  • Oil level indicator
  • Flow valve


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Scissor lifts 3 year warranty