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All Edmolift products come with a 3 year parts & labour warranty and 5 years structural warranty

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Edmolift Operators Guide To Scissor Lifts

Standard Features

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Safety Trip Bars
The most effective method of guarding against trapping as the platform is lowered. As soon as the all-round aluminium perimeter bars come in contact with an obstacle, the table will stop, and can not be lowered again until the raise button is activated. Aluminium is used to prevent the possibility of this very important safety device from corroding. With the sensor switches located beneath the platform perimeter, they are not easily susceptible to accidental damage, yet provide a fully adjustable touch sensitive cut-out system.


Safety Spacing
For additional safety, Edmolift’s design ensures that there are no trapping points between moving parts, minimising the risk of trapped fingers. 


Mechanical Locks
Two galvanised steel laser cut mechanical locks are fitted, one to each set of scissors to allow for completely safe maintenance work when the table is in the raised position. Even with the hydraulic system disconnected the mechanical locks are capable of supporting not only the weight of the scissor and platform but also the maximum elevating capacity of the lift plus overload.


Hose Burst Valves
Built in to every Edmolift hydraulic cylinder to stop any sudden platform drop in the highly unlikely event of a hose burst, these valves can be relied upon to let the platform lower at a very slow constant speed, eliminating the risk of injury. All hoses are either steel armoured or manufactured in thick wall aluminium tube.

CE Marked, EN1570 Compliant
Our products undergo comprehensive pre-delivery inspection and test procedures, carried out by quality control engineers. This includes load testing to +30% of the overall capacity. All models comply with the EMC regulations, are CE marked and accompanied by a Euro-Declaration of Conformity. Our tables comply with and exceed the requirements of EN1570/1999 (Superseding BS5323). Certification and Documentation is supplied with all units.

A hand held or wall mounted ergonomically-designed shock resistant remote control is supplied with a simple three button up/down constant pressure release, and twist to release mushroom type emergency stop. Sealed buttons help prevent moisture and dust ingress. 24vDC control circuit is standard on each table, being far safer than higher control voltages. A lockable storage holster is included for easy wall/bench mounting. The holster can also be used to prevent unauthorised use.


Safety Decals
Operator safety is paramount. Warning signs and decals are placed in prominent positions, are easy to read and understand. All signs are weather proof and fade resistant. The data on the machine plate ensures traceability of component parts for the working life of the scissor lift.


Power Pack
3 phase, 380-500v, 50Hz power pack is supplied as standard. Single phase, 240v, single phase 110v, 12/24vDC, pneumatic and manual pump hydraulics are available as options. These are very reliable units and include automatic overload protection and pressure relief valves, oil level indication, fully adjustable lowering speed control, electrical solenoid valve (24vDC) and 3amp fused electrical system housed within a fully protected IP54 case.

The Art of Elevation

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